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Worst drill lyrics

worst drill lyrics I’ve seen a million faces and I’ve rocked them all…”. 1 There are different phases in the battle, and in between each phase, Drill-X starts singing. You're hard to love. Mildred lives an ordinary until the day that Maud Spellbody crashes her broomstick into their balcony. ” Katie Got Bandz agrees. “I just felt like I was going to collapse, I just felt like the light’s out for me. If the beat isn't great and the chorus isn't catchy, then the song is probably terrible. Like Like. You can make jealous your haters by captioning your selfies with badass rap song captions. The BBC's strict ban on advertising led to the banning of the Kinks ' 1970 song " Lola ", [1] [note 1] while Don Cornell 's 1954 song " Hold My Hand " was banned from The hip hop of the 1980s and the gangsta rap of the 1990s are all part of the same family tree of poetic verse poured over a thumping beat. g. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Drill-X is a giant drilling machine in Skylanders: Giants. “Drill might sound like the worst thing in the world, like we glorifying it, but we just telling a story, man. A subreddit dedicated to UK drill music, culture and news. Tim Westwood, 61 and the son of a bishop, is back with his 'drill rap' crew from Tottenham, north London. Tags. Paronychia This infection of the lateral nail fold is drained by putting a small incision in the skin overlying the infected area. With a total of fourteen victims either killed or injured by her actions, she is described as one of the worst serial killers in Canadian history. bugs, goblins) What is their occupation? (e. Put Captain Man's head in an indestructible box by luring him in with a nut cluster trap so he cannot fight crime. Quotable Lyrics My demons ain't don't got a conscience Slam a n***a, Onyx Take off, Sonic Shake it, earthquake Said she want me in the worst way. Worn like a mood ring past my neck, oh. "I’m trying to find the words to describe this girl / Without being disrespectful / Damn you’se a sexy bitch. Direct at best, outright horrifying at worst. under Wudisban Record, an independent slovenian music label. He'll pick up some of the language and phrases that other DIs on his team use if they're effective. Yasin Patel and Amy Hazlewood look at the area of drill music and the law. Drill music grew in popularity in the UK in Brixton, South London The lyrics generator can generate a song about anything, including , by sourcing from original rap lyrics. This can be done with a red-hot cautery device (a heated metal probe), a needle twisted through the nail, or a small drill device. Here are the stars with the worst personal hygiene. But some celebs don't bother. Poor quality diamonds: Cheap diamond art kits are typically low cost because the rhinestones are low quality. playing golf, watching football, collecting stamps) Two words they like to use (e. Source:Supplied. read [Rhymes] Lyrics and poems Near rhymes Synonyms / Related Phrases Mentions Descriptive words Definitions Homophones Similar sound Same consonants Advanced >> Words and phrases that rhyme with drill : (432 results) she tryin' to screwdrive, guess I got to do it drill Ay, we've been up since Friday, gettin' drunk and poppin' seal Magic stick all on that ass, bitch, Drill rapper, 18, who bragged 'I got one' as he stabbed schoolboy, 15, to death outside chicken shop then left grieving mother too scared to tend his grave for fear of reprisals is jailed for 19 years For Shak, in his lyrics, life is a calamity – “Over the years shit changed on the block / Shit became catastrophic but the shit never stops,” runs the chorus of Over The Years. Nicknames are kind of a thing – If your name is too long or difficult to pronounce, it’s likely that drill instructors will rename you “Alphabet. The breath of the morning I keep forgetting The smell of the warm summer air I live in a town Where you can't smell a thing You watch your feet For cracks in the pavement Up above Aliens hover Making home movies For the folks back home Of all these weird creatures Who lock up their spirits Drill holes in themselves And live for their secrets They're all Uptight Uptight Uptight Uptight Uptight Drill music is a subgenre of trap music, in itself a subgenre of hip-hop, defined by ominous beats and violent lyrics. It's still not a lot, but compared to state-side, it's a small fortune. Sign up for the Complex Newsletter for breaking news, events, and unique stories. Reply. Source. Rap Lyrics for Instagram Captions to create a great hive on your Insta profile. The genre has become strongly linked with criminal behaviour, in part through the way it has been covered by the media. These things happen. music is still the English language, there shouldn’t be a language barrier. Drill Lyrics: You know, just keep tryin' / You know we ain't trippin' / We just gon' up the score every time / We all gotta die / I drop that shit that make you bop your noggin (Bop your noggin "First things first man, you're fuckin' with the worst/I'll be sticking pins in your head like a fucking nurse/I'll attack any nigga who slack in his mack/Come fully packed with a fat rugged Here is a list of some of the worst lyrics in pop music. Aye yall it aint nottin wrong wit havin a tip drill on yo team naaa mean i'm from da bottom (da bottom meaning florida) and we do keep a gang a tip drills just cause naaa mean, just say you in a drought, call dat foot dragga ova to the crib and drill, just dat easy a gurl tip drill is a gurl wit an ugly face and a big ass because Nelly said "It must be yo ass cauz it aint yo face". 2k members in the ukdrill community. “If it’s inciting violence then Radio One time, a boy in Year 8 sat slouched in the canteen at lunchtime detention, his performative screwface staring at the floor, so I went over to chat to him. comsnapchat: UK_TING Worst Lyrics: Dealing with this shit sober's got me fucked up / I know it's hard but is all love 'tough love'? / Anxiety is real, depression's very heavy / I wear them both inside my hoodie Then I drill, now my bro's gotta lay low Too much screams like them man play Halo One step in the niz and our block's too playful Come like Trinidad and Tobago Say no, say no, say no, say no Burn man's skin if we he say no Big racks, save that A hundred bags, man made that Gyal ting, take that Got four bands in the air, make it rain, akh Drill music, whether it’s Chicago, New York or it’s London counterparts, is infamous for having very ‘direct’ lyrics. "Then fill your mouth with all the money you will save. Some are just silly, others just rude, some make no sense at all while a few sound like the writer half heatedly completely lines due to limited inspiration. Also cooked parts of his “Frankly, I don’t feel the fire anymore from the youth. It seems so straightforward and personal and real that people read it completely literally, as raw testimony or autobiography. Lyrics. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators Read on to discover 20 of the worst pop lyrics! However here are 20 of the worst lyrics that pop singers have managed to get away with . Answer by kandice. The result is often hilarious. He gave one word answers to my questions, refusing to show any weakness or vulnerability, or interest in what I had to say. “The majority of lyrics that come out these guys’ mouths isn’t actually true If you're rich and famous, you can afford soap, shampoo, and deodorant. The second part discusses the admission of lyrics as bad character in a criminal trial. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. (You're hard to love) I'll change the colors on my head. First, he drills the ground, attacking with rocks. Nikolai Dzhumagaliev Soviet Union: 1980 and earlier 7 50–100 Lured women in a park at night and hacked them with an axe as part of a plan to rid the world of prostitution. K. Fire drill What would happen if a nuke just hit? Would you say bye to your family? Would you post about it? Fire drill If it all went up in flames one day Would you give your mom a hug before your house burned away? It kills I wish the best for you and You think I ignore you too, but Really I’m tryna live my own life And be present more, and “I look at it like we talking this drill, it’s real shit,” says King Louie. 3. Johnny Drille – Bad Dancer Lyrics. ‘Let my son be the last and be an example to everyone. NICK BOND. SL is a British based rapper from the Valley Park, Croydon region. a boi tip drill is a boi wit an ugly face and has lots of doh because in the tip drill video it said "It must be yo money cauz it aint yo face". Source. “It was happening in the beginning but everyone else wasn’t looking at Chicago. Nor is it new to blame this type of music for inciting violence. 2. SL is also known for his unique chill; the “tropical” take on the UK Drill sound. g. Drill is a close relative. In the 1990s C. Drill lyrics after reading this then it’s probably someone’s name or a places name. Call us at (888) 532-5433 to make changes to your life insurance policy. g. How Chicago’s ‘drill’ music scene set a template for Toronto’s underground rap stars — and their feuds By Betsy Powell Courts Reporter Sat. Rap also has a history of talking about people who fight for what they believe in Other justifications for such bans have included the use of foul language in lyrics, explicit sexual content, alleged drug references, and controversial political subject matter. . And I was laughing when I saw the pic of her mum just bury her kid. N/A Worst Weak OK Good Great. e: Kentnizzy, G-Smarko, Bis) TL;DR - U. " — Tunnel Vision. 2. Scarface's The best song lyrics of all time. I’ve been everywhere, and still I’m standing tall. Sometimes it's an entire verse. He appeared in his oil rig where he drills his way to the Lost City of Arkus under orders of Kaos. Disconnect Take it back now Have it my way and Bet it all on black now Hit or miss me Kill or kiss me Are you in or out? Tell me, are you wi Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. By Kelly Earley Monday 22 May 2017, 9:00 PM. When I was young and just a bad little kid My momma noticed funny things I did Like shootin' puppies with a B B gun I'd poison guppies, and when I was done This couldn't come at a worst time I thought I'd never see you How dare you come back in my life? I guess you haven't heard the news. Like drill rappers in the UK, or hip-hop artists in the US, I have a duty to talk about what I see around me. Subscribe. RELATED: 40 Rap Lyrics That Make No Sense RELATED: The Best Terrible Rap Verses. One of his very first songs, named Gentleman was a great hit, and it was dropped when the rapper was only 15 then. What are the worst lyrics you’ve ever heard? Off the top of my head I honestly can’t think of anything, although I know that I find myself cringing at a lot of mainstream pop music on the radio. A tipdrill is a ok person with a nice body/girl. Drill was still underground at the end of 2017, but an unholy brew of violent lyrics and music videos, rising incidences of youth violence and media I’m so bad I’ll whip Superman’s ass All you suckers that rif on the West Coast I’ll dis and spray your ass like a roach Ya think you’re cool wit your curls and your shades 1. Lyrics: “And I walk these streets, a loaded six string on my back. Submitted on 4/23/2004. He was born as Christopher Lee Rios on November 10, 1971, in The Bronx, New York. worst song lyrics; See other tags. As Jeffries (2011 ) has pointed out in relation to US rap music, there is a great ‘dissonance’ in a genre that often deals with contradictory themes But behind the bravado of drill lyrics there are lives in tatters. Verse What a beautiful day Whenever I see your face Throw my worries away As I hold you in my arms How happy you make me feel babe You fit perfectly with me baby You have my heart you keep it safe GANG battles sweeping across the capital are rooted in years of tit-for-tat murders and a drill rap war which is being played out in twisted online music videos. Drill is not going anywhere anytime soon. ) Future Soldier. Drill music has its origins in early 2010s Chicago, while UK drill is a sub-genre that adds elements of road rap and which originated in the south London district of Brixton from 2012 onwards. 7. It's too easy to hate you, hate you. This article is split into two parts: the first part of this article looks at the imposition of injunctions against artists who make drill music. Swathes of the city are under the 'control' of violent Fire drill, what would happen if a nuke just hit? Would you say bye to your family? Would you post about it? Fire drill, if it all went up in flames one day Would you give your mom a hug before your house burned away? It kills, I wish the best for you And you think I ignore you too, but Really, I’m tryna live my own life Is the "worst" witch the school's best chance for salvation? Release year: 2018 A second year at Cackle's Academy means double the magic and mischief for accident-prone witch in training Mildred Hubble and her friends. Gonna whop that steel on down. Ever since her son got dropped, the whole op block aint done shit. The drill gangs dotted around Londo… Drill sergeants shouldn't have to repeat themselves. " It's funny how it can be easier to talk to the world than to your own mother. We hadn’t met before. The Patient has died, more than likely from cancer: - There's a song on the album called Cancer - Gerard Way, on the interview video on theblackparade. Continue on for the complete list of the fifty worst rock/pop lyrics of all time. 1. com » Search results for 'drill-down' Yee yee! We've found 42 lyrics, 71 artists, and 50 albums matching drill-down. ” If you wear glasses, it’s likely drill instructors may rename you “portholes. ) Ooo, Burn! “I am going to take a s— in a box and send it to your parents for sending me theirs!”. I'll show man violence, your girls taken, but man still piped it (Badders badders) We're winning the beef, go on then, tell me I'm lying (Pussy) The opps in ends slap corn where the sky is it’s Splash man down that's blood 'pon many, we came through and them boy weren't ready. g. g. The diamond colors don’t match the picture, aren’t vibrant or tasteful. Use MetroLyrics to find your favorite song lyrics. It’s time to count down the world’s worst song lyrics. . see 72 34+35 lyrics - Ariana Grande 73 Heartbeats lyrics - Jose Gonzalez 74 They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Love lyrics - Jason Upton 75 Tenanglah lyrics - Ifgf Praise 76 Ms. You know what you're going to get in terms of lyrics, so it automatically puts drill music at a disadvantage. Drill - Complete Getting Put Back Together by young wiccan reviews They don't know where they get their Fake chains and jewelry from They act like they on top of the world and soften The taxicab partition with the money tray The crim around me had more expenses The sauce convention was funny-faced No half off, nigga this money wait Flip you like Hacksaw Jim with the twenty gauge No honey maid, I never did it for the gram (Uh, uh) I had a vision I was willing to enhance Went from 720 to 4K in one night, dumb nights My forte is intuition sunlight Play stupid 18. Or an entire song. 22 September 2020, 17:34 | Updated: 22 September 2020, 18:33. gg/DCrXapkcontact me: ukdrillcontact@gmail. "I got this killa up inside of me/I can't talk to my mother so I talk to my diary. (succeeded) Defeat Kid Danger so he can continue to cause chaos in Swellview and find the Man Cave. It originates from Chicago and is lyrically dark and violent. " John Henry told his captain, "A man ain't nothin' but a man, But before I let your steam drill beat me Down, I'd die with a hammer in my hand. You're just a memory Pray and regret And I'm gunna pretend like We ain't even met Ohhhh I don't remember your name I'm sorry (sorry idk this part LMAO) Donots - This Is Not A Drill Lyrics. We’re just telling what we’ve seen. " — Sean Kingston, "Eenie Meenie". Delores Tucker campaigned against violent lyrics aimed at women in rap music. g. and a butterhead is a gurl wit an ugly face but fine body It starts off almost OK until Dappy appears and the chorus gets all whiney and nasal and worse than the sound of a dental drill in your root canal. jollymeister. . A tipdrill is a person with money and bad looks/boy. American Trap/Drill uses slang. ” – Ice-T, Ice “The art of rap is deceptive. 25. doctor, pilot, teacher) An adjective to describe them (e. His soundscapes hold tracks of early 2000s R&B and also rap music genre. From mathematical misfires to unfortunate puns, here are the 25 worst rap lyrics: About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators The only thing we know right now is that there are so many harebrained rhymes on this LP, that we had to make an entire list about it: The 40 Most Ridiculous Lyrics on Lil Wayne's I Am Not a Human 100k views for part 40:00 Young Dumps x S1 - Demons0:17 Glockamoley x Co-D x Loochemoney - Mayday0:36 Teddy x S2H - Kick Down Doors0:49 Marleek - Birth Of A 36. General CommentArgh bloody hell, didn't even press enter =S Anyway,from what I've heard, there's a story to the album. We can't unhear shoddy lyrics, so we might as well laugh at them. pizza, pies; beer, wine; red, blue) Two things they hate (e. Break for 15 seconds, then run to the 60 and back three times. series and movies) if you don’t understand most U. 24 B*Witched- ‘C’est La Vie’ (1998) The Deepwater Horizon oil spill was an industrial disaster that began on 20 April 2010, in the Gulf of Mexico on the BP-operated Macondo Prospect, considered to be the largest marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry and estimated to be 8 to 31 percent larger in volume than the previous largest, the Ixtoc I oil spill, also in the Gulf of Mexico. ’ said Rhyhiem’s mother, who insisted her son was not in a gang and The video features lyrics boasting of gangland murders and has 324,000 views. ”. "Uh, I'm the shit, I need some toilet paper. 18 of the most ridiculous song lyrics of all time We have let The Black Eyed Peas get away with far, far too much. super, crikey, righteo) Two Nelly "Tip Drill": I said it must be ya ass cause it ain't ya face I need a tipdrill, I need a tipdrill I said it mus Drill instructors also rely on each other to see what works and what doesn't, Rocha said. “If the lyrics start to incite violence that’s when it needs to stop because it can bring the worst out of people if it’s used in the wrong way. Gonna bring that steam drill out on the job. Worst Witch - Rated: K - English - Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,379 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 1 - Published: 5/13/2010 - C. January 10, 2020 at 10:41 am 4. With Raquel Cassidy, Jenny Richardson, Clare Higgins, Dagny Rollins. NewsComAu April 2, 2014 4:56pm. little, sexy, funny) Two leisure activities they enjoy (e. These lyrics are all bad on their own terms, but they're made even worse when you consider who wrote them. Got Naghz like Future got Smells Like Teen Spirit Lyrics: Load up on guns, bring your friends / It's fun to lose and to pretend / She's over-bored and self-assured / Oh no, I know a dirty word / Hello, hello, hello, how How many times have we touched them kids, the whole op block's been molested Idk where this is from Mum kept shedding tears someone tell her, I dont give a fuck that her son aint here. DEFAULT MetroLyrics is a searchable lyrics database featuring 1,000,000+ song lyrics from 20,000 artists. join my discord: https://discord. It's too easy to hate you, when was enough. Step for the kill don't bring that celly, say misch mash but their stack's on empty. 2) Drill is an young MC from Izola, Slovenija. There's a general understanding that everything needs to be broken down so simply that even a fresh-out-of-high-school kid can comprehend. All that I can do is fall in blame with you. Scarface - "No Tears". com's Top Picks or we'll prison rape you, straight up. com, said his new look is modelled after how he imagined The Patient, white hair being similar to someone undergoing chemotherapy. It rose to fame in 2012 through the likes of stars like Young Chop and Chief Keef. I play for keeps, ’cause I might not make it back. Drill rapper jailed for life for killing S club 7 star’s cousin Zoe Drewett Thursday 21 May 2020 1:41 pm Share this article via facebook Share this article via twitter Share this article via "A lot of drill music is some of the worst music I've ever heard. 3) DRILL was also the name of a british noise rock To get up and to leave. The debate is one nearly as old as rap itself - one on hand, rappers can only be expected to rap what they know about, and if they’re from a background that’s affected by (Actually, I also watched a LOT of U. , March 27, 2021 timer 7 min. Picture: Mike FANOUS/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images What is drill music? Drill music derives from trap music, or more commonly in the UK is linked to grime or road rap. He released his first album named Nuklearna Zima in 2013. K. In late October, British music fan Edward Carter compiled a giant list of 337 nominations for the worst songs of all time from responses he got to a tweet requesting fellow music-fan input. First, run to the 40-yard line and back to the end zone four times. Whop that steel on down. 13) "You ain't gonna let me f*ck you and I feel you / But you gone suck my d*ck, or I'll Jon Bon Jovi – “Wanted Dead or Alive”. I miss my era when motherfuckers were fighting for shit, spitting fire in their lyrics. Big Pun. Fire drill What would happen if a nuke just hit? Would you say bye to your family? Would you post about it? Fire drill If it all went up in flames one day Would you give your mom a hug before your house burned away? It kills I wish the best for you and You think I ignore you too, but Really I'm tryna live my own life And be present more, and so This is not a drill This is not a drill This is not a drill, this is not a drill This is not a false alarm [Verse 1 - Pitbull:] I got that sweet D, mami got that sweet pea When I get her, all she says is "ay papi, si, si" She give me that Road Runner, long neck, beep, beep And her tongue do a little more than just French kiss, wei-wei Two comparable things the protagonist loves (e. Drill lyrics can be referring to videogames (in the case of ‘Fortnite’ by young artist Boopz) or indeed the pains of working as a real-estate agent (Kway or Clinch, ‘Renting’ 2018). Pictured: ‘90s folk-pop balladeer Jewel. Finally, please sign off with some lyrical words of wisdom… The best lyrics come from honesty, but make sure they make sense. " While on deployment, troops make a lot more than back in the states. 5. "Go drill your deserts, go fill your graves" Pretty self explanatory. "I just hope that what I've been through, losing my son, the worst thing I could have ever experienced in my life, that they [young men] take a step back from violence, they realise who they're Skengdo x AM playing at Koko, north London. In the second phase he sweeps his drill, and on the third I didn’t know about the different use in Drill lyrics and will add this to the Drill glossary Thanks again. The performative violence of drill rappers’ lyrics isn’t necessarily harmful either, and is arguably a document of their environment: “Our art is imitating our life, not the other way round The sheer distance you run in this drill makes it painful. From 2 Chainz to Drake, to Tyga to Jaden Smith, here are 50 Rap Lyrics That Make No Sense, in an order as nonsensical as the verses you’ll find below. Originating in South Side Chicago at the start of the decade with breakout artists such as Pacman and Chief Keef, drill (slang for gun) is a strand of trap music defined by a slower tempo of 70 Bad bitch with' me bet she know the drill Bad bitch with' me bet she know the drill Bad bad bitch with' me bet she know the drill [Verse 2: The Game] I gotta' bad bitch with' me, and she know the drill And she know my ex, X pill She only listen to me, Ace, and Meek Mill I told her tat my name on it, so I know it's real She know the value of a The drill crew he is a member of - the OFB collective - also posted from its YouTube account a video for the teenager's song Youngest In Charge, which includes lyrics about getting his 'shank They split up shortly after the release of their self-titled album in 1995, Drill, which featured additional guitarist Paul Alves. You can mock your friends with cool and attractive rap lyrics captions. With Herbo’s verse added, “Onna Come Up” Lil Eazzyy is no longer on his way up rap’s hierarchy–he’s THE chilling patchwork of warring gangs terrorising London's streets is revealed in detailed maps as at least 100 murders shock the capital. For more lyrical ingenuity, check out The 10 Least Romantic Love Song Lyrics and The 10 Dumbest Questions in Song Lyric History. That’s your worst nightmare to see a child who you love in pain. Drill music, a form of hip hop known for its gritty lyrics, has been criticised by police for encouraging gang violence, but a new analysis shows that songs with positive lyrics are more popular Coreylte) - Blind. ” – Jay-Z, Decoded Emil Proffit, 35, a drill music producer, said that using lyrics as evidence of violent intent is problematic. Lord, Lord. And visit Cracked. UK drill music . Down, Down. Although rooted in Chicago, it’s spread around the world. “One of our warrant officers took my glasses, drew a crosshair on one of the lenses and introduced me as a ‘future soldier’ to a colonel who was inspecting our training. Big Pun is widely regarded as one of the greatest rappers of all-time. Once in a while, however, you'll hear a rhyme that makes you chuckle, shake your head or bury your face in your palm. Helpful life insurance agents, who can assist you in servicing your policy, are just a phone call away. Authorities often treat drill lyrics as literal truth, a hybrid of art form and coded criminal they avoid the worst of the crime and violence that bisect with some involved in the scene," said Dr. Brandon Flowers of The Killers in 2004. Once in a while there will a great, high energy trap song. Hardbroom, I. Drill’s sometimes violent lyrics have led police and lawmakers to accuse the genre of fuelling knife crime, which led to the police requesting the removal of 319 music videos from YouTube in If the subject is horror, I got to see more or I won't be contented all night You may call it my ghoulish obsession It's a subject on which I get chatty But the worst one it seems, haunting all of my dreams Was the cockroach that ate Cincinnati I've seen ghouls and hobgoblins and witches And some moth-eaten werewolves with fangs There were Partial-drill disappointments: Customers often don’t realize that a low-priced diamond art painting is only partial drill, a much cheaper form of diamond art. And we say that because we're fucking hard, not gay. Tattoo Girl lyrics - Travie Mccoy 77 Tell Me Why lyrics - Backstreet Boys 78 Age Of Aquarius lyrics - 5th Dimension 79 Good Days lyrics (feat. Drill-X sings to express himself. K. She's indecisive, she can't decide. The captain said to John Henry "Gonna bring that steam drill 'round. It's too easy to hate you, and hard to love. (i. (failed) The drill-inspired rapper unloads a clip of fast raps on a Hugo Buck produced beat. ” Luckily, nicknames assigned in boot camp aren’t likely to stay with a Marine into the Fleet. Johnny Drille – Bad Dancer Lyrics. " This lyric is a crossover of misogyny, and the Chicago Drill scene's obsession with oral sex over vaginal. Sign up for the Complex Newsletter for lyrics contained within drill music. worst drill lyrics